Electronic Media Evaluation

High-quality clippings are available in laser printed format via courier, fax and post, and in web-hosted PDF format via email, website, intranet, XML or RSS delivery.


The following data can be added and accompanies each online clipping:

  • Headline
  • Source and edition if relevant
  • Publication date
  • Number of pages
  • Journalist name
  • Area in cm2
  • AVE, ACE, PR Value

Clippings can also feature company branding.

Clippings delivered in hard copy can be accompanied by an index or summary sheet and feature page numbering to aid the identification of specific coverage.

Online press clippings and email alerts to your Blackberry or smartphone

Nokia device

A growing number of clients now view and manage their media coverage online in order to take advantage of high-speed access to breaking news and sophisticated search and reporting tools.

Our highly-regarded clipping websites make available a growing range of useful service features including:

  • Immediate access to breaking news
  • Print-Article, Print-Selection, Print-All
  • Editorial rights to add/remove/edit items/summaries/comments
  • Ability to upload additional files, i.e. colour PDF, JPEG, press release
  • Ability to download coverage in JPEG, Word and Excel formats
  • Graphical reporting of volume and tonality
  • Ability to forward coverage to third parties
  • Branding and custom settings per user
  • Full user guides and technical support

We maintain an in-house IT development team to ensure that client requests are actioned quickly and effectively.

notebook & PDA

Email delivery provides clients with access to logically ordered coverage featuring:

  • Article/source data linking to web-hosted PDF clippings
  • Formatted or plain text summaries
  • Confirmation of website update

Clients typically receive emails twice-daily, 09:00 for national coverage and 16:00 for regional, trade and magazine coverage, but delivery times can be specified to suit individual needs.

Our email services are formatted to allow editorial content to be viewed on mobile devices such as Blackberry and other smartphones.

Email alerts provide coverage from any specified source as it becomes available - especially useful for clients needing immediate awareness of news from sources such as the Evening Standard, key regional or magazine titles, newswires and internet sites.

Electronic press media report evaluation

A dedicated team of experienced analysts with knowledge across a range of industry sectors is available to intelligently evaluate media coverage for a range of predefined and bespoke criteria including:

  • Volume
  • Reach
  • Share of voice
  • Article, publication and journalist sentiment
  • AVE (£) value
  • Key message penetration
  • Key audience

Flexible delivery options include the ability to view and manage campaigns online or to receive reports in Word, Excel, PDF and PowerPoint formats. Reports feature executive summaries to identify key trends, and help set future strategy and goals.

For more information on receiving your media evaluation electronically please contact us.

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