Media Presentation

Presenting your clippings with key data, company logo and in your corporate style

Your PR campaign was a success and you’ve got lots of press clippings to deal with. Now what? Just having your press clippings stuck on a media monitoring carrier sheet doesn’t really do your media clippings justice.

Professional Layout Artists

As part of out media clipping service we have team of professional layout artists or PLAs to present your media clippings in the best possible way; this includes presenting your clippings with your company logo, using your corporate style and including key data which adds real value.

Electronic delivery of your media clippings
We now provide access to your media clippings online with email alerts via your Blackberry or other smartphone. See how our electronic delivery service can work for you!

media clipping example

Media presentation layout styles

We’ll present your media clippings in any way that suits your business. They can be pasted up on to A3 or A4 paper or card in a variety of colours, textures and weights. We produce high end museum quality displays or simpler everyday presentations if required.

Paperless media presentations

We can also provide your clippings and images on disc; an invaluable archive system that is paperless and simple to store. We can provide all articles categorised and pre-archived with an easy-to-use search function.

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Book binding

We provide a professional book binding service using comb or wire binding from 5mm up to 50mm. The books have high quality covers with protective overlays or we’re happy to use your own covers if you have them. The books are then finished with title and contents pages, tabbed dividers with logos and separation sheets. Everything you’d expect in a professional document.

Custom binders

Paperclip has specially made binders in stock for displaying your card mounted press clippings. The D-ring binder system makes for easy updating, and they can also include your logo.

Beyond that we can supply a variety of custom-made binders including padded leather binders with watered silk inside covers and blind, foil embossed or silk-screened logos. Our binders are in the Sainsbury Wing of the National Gallery and at 10 Downing Street as well as in the receptions of many major corporations.

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'Best of Press' books

Your busy senior executives cannot always take the time to review a whole project's coverage. A focussed selection of your best media clippings with a one-page summary and overview has proved to be an effective in-house tool.

Media clipping montages

Media clippings montages are a quick and easy way to inform your colleagues about your PR department’s success. Take a look at some examples of our media clipping montages.

Celebrity media clippings

media clipping example

We now produce a number of high quality books with celebrity media clippings featuring all the coverage of you or your client in the media.

Specialist media clipping presentations

We’re happy to produce high-end media clippings presentations for PR agency new business pitches, team event thank-you memorabilia and family archives.

Lamination and encapsulation of media clippings

We can laminate or encapsulate your media clippings to any size and any quantity.

DIY presentation of media clippings

If you prefer to paste up your own media clippings, we can supply you with binders, paper, card and adhesives.


We have the latest digital reprographic technology which delivers high quality professional photocopying. In fact it’s hard to tell the copy from the original. We provide colour and black and white and sizes A4, A3, A2 and A1.

For more information on our media clipping service and media presentation please contact us.

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