Media strategy planning: What’s the process?

First of all give Paperclip a buzz and ask us lots of questions. We've been working successfully with PR Agencies, and Corporate PR Departments since the 70s so there's not much we don't know.

Our discussion will be very non-sales orientated (we promise). Our aim is to really get to grips with your business. We will make suggestions as to how we think Media Monitoring, or our Evaluation and Presentation Services can help. And then we'll decide on a plan of action.

A professional and outstanding service

The brief is agreed

Once you’ve decided on the PR services you’d like from us we’ll agree a brief, a deadline and budget.

Your Account Manager

An Account Manager is then assigned to your job and they’ll manage your project from beginning to end. As well as physically working on your project they’ll oversee your job as it moves between departments.

Work begins

Depending on what you’ve asked us to do, this will typically involve:

Quality control

We take quality control seriously and have strict guidelines in place; so you can be sure you’ll always receive an outstanding and professional service and that your brief is always met.


We’ll pick up and deliver work to your premises using couriers or the Royal Mail. Many reports and documents can also be emailed to you.

Contact us to see how we can help.

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