Still Being Composed

Because classical music was defined centuries ago, many people today believe it is no longer being composed. This is untrue, and classical music is alive and well. Symphonies and concertos are still being written for orchestras. New sonatas continue to please audiences around the world. Writing classical music is the same exciting challenge for composers today as it has been for centuries. Even those that write in other musical formats understand the basics of writing classical music.

Orchestras often perform a variety of music by different composers. When they perform classical music, they now mix older compositions by Hayden and Mozart with modern classical composers. One of the more famous classical composers in the modern world is Aaron Copeland. His music has been very popular with modern audiences. For those who believe they don't like classical composers, John Williams has proven them wrong. This incredible composer not only writes classical music, he also composes theme songs for movies such as Star Wars and the popular Indiana Jones movies.