FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of frequently asked questions. If there’s anything else you’d like to know please feel free to contact us.

Offering a comprehensive service covering all traditional and new media

Q: We don't really know what we want, can you help?
A: Yes of course. In all our time of working with PRs we’ve yet to come across a situation where we haven't been able to provide help. We’ll have a chat with you in an informal non- sales orientated way so we can work out how you want your media coverage to work best for you.

Q: Can you evaluate broadcast TV and radio?
A: Yes, we can, even the BBC channels. In those cases we use the most relevant commercial station as a guide. We also contact the more obscure cable and satellite companies when necessary to check rates.

Q: Can you evaluate websites?
A: Yes we can. Please contact us further for information.

Q: How quickly can we get our press clippings back?
A: A 5-day turnaround is the norm. But we’ll always work to your deadlines whatever they are. We recently had a request to turnaround 1,000 press cuttings in a weekend. Which we did!

Q: What do you do about missed press clippings?
A: If your wonderful piece on the front page of the Sunday Times was missed, you really need to have a word your public relations media monitoring agency. In many instances we can chase them for you. Also, we do run our own 'safety net' and have devised systems with a couple of clients that guarantees, 100%, that a press clipping won’t be missed.

Q: Can you scan press clippings?
A: Yes we can. There are some copyright restrictions but we can discuss these with you.

Q: What about copyright?
A: Basically if you make a copy of anything, there is likely to be a copyright issue. Paperclip is licensed by the Newspaper Licensing Agency (NLA) to make copies and we can handle all the admin in respect of copyright on your behalf.

Q: Who are the NLA?
A: The NLA represent the copyright interests of several hundred publications, mainly newspapers, from the UK national press through to the major regional press. And quite a few foreign publications as well. They issue licenses to companies like Paperclip so we can make copies and send royalty fees to the NLA on your behalf.

Q: Some people within the industry don't believe ad equivalents are a good measure. What's your view?
A: We do believe they are a good measure and we run several thousand ACE evaluations a month. And they work even better when viewed in conjunction with other qualitative data. Putting a £s value to PR gives you a measurable ROI.

Q: I need to find a ‘one stop shop’ for all of our media monitoring requirements, can you help?
A: Absolutely. We offer a comprehensive media monitoring service covering all traditional and new media: press, TV, Radio, Websites and Blogs.

Q: We would like a consultant to present the evaluation findings to the company’s board of directors. Is it possible?
A: As a client, if you subscribe to our qualitative evaluation service, on an annual basis a consultant or analyst will gladly present our findings to anyone within your company.

Q: I have an urgent job with an extremely tight deadline! Can you help?
A: If it is physically and mentally possible, we can take the pressure off you to ensure you hit that deadline!

Q: We need to apply a ROI (Return on Investment) model to our PR campaign / strategies, are you able to show this through evaluation?
A: Yes we are. We’ve devised various methodologies that show a demonstrable ROI model and strategic guidance on getting more from your coverage.

Q: Do you provide discounted tariffs for charities and non-profitable organisations?
A: We do. Please give us a call to discuss.

Q: Can you drop by and discuss our requirements?
A: Absolutely. Contact us and let us know your availability and one of our consultants will come to your office to discuss how we can help your organisation.

Q: Have you got a price list?
A: Yes we have. Drop us an email and we’ll send you one straight back.

Contact us if you have any questions you'd like to ask.

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